The United State Government is one of the largest purchasers in the world, with estimates of public spending at over $2 trillion dollars across the four primary spending areas: Federal, State, Local, and Education. With so much at stake in each project, the competition for contracts and business is fierce. On top of the heavy competition, many states also have specific requirements and regulations on bidding for and winning contracts.

The complex bidding process can often be a long and drawn-out affair, sometimes taking upwards of a year for a contract to be finalized and awarded. Knowing how to navigate the ins and outs of this process, from understanding government terminology and how money is appropriated to identifying the right decision makers, is key to positioning your business for success in the government market. S4’s knowledgeable team of contracting and lobbying experts will be able to leverage your strengths and give your business a chance to succeed in the government procurement arena.