S4 and the IALTCPP make the Ogle County News

S4 Group’s Director of Government Relations Melissa Schakowsky made the local news in Ogle County, Illinois, while representing the Illinois Association of Long Term Care Pharmacy Providers. Below is an excerpt from the article, written by Vinde Wells in the Ogle County News:

Melissa Schakowsky, a representative of the Illinois Association of Long Term Care Pharmacies, told Bivins that the cost to dispense is approximately 25 percent higher for a business like Mongan’s than for a retail pharmacy.

“Our reimbursements have been reduced three times in the last five years,” Mongan said.

Bivins agreed that the state’s situation is dire.

“It’s a time we’ve been warning about for years,” he said. “You can’t keep spending more than you take in.”

Bivins said the state is currently $6 billion behind on its bills.

He recommended that Mongan and Schakowsky voice their concerns to other state legislators, including State Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) and State Rep. Brian Stewart (R-Freeport).

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