S4 Group has brought a myriad of excellent opportunities to iiT Sourcetech. The relationships we have developed have generated significant revenue. Perhaps as important as the impressive quantity of valuable opportunities S4 has created for us, the follow-through the S4 staff provides has made a substantial difference in our company’s ability to realize the potential these new relationships offer.
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President & CEO of iiT Sourcetech

I’ve been working with JJ Rabinowich of the S4 Group for over a year now. He opened doors for us into the government offices regulating our industry and helped us create relationships with key officials. These relationships have been instrumental in streamlining our procedures and enabling us to minimize obstacles. It’s been a real pleasure working with him.
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President of Grandison Management

I’ve been working with Mark Kalish and the S4 Group for nearly a year now. He’s opened doors for us in Illinois; helping create a more favorable regulatory environment for our industry. Thanks to S4, we’ve been able to defend against unwanted legislation and have positioned our own bills for success. It’s been a real pleasure working with the S4 team.
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Eli Davis