While many lobbying agencies operate at a state or federal level, very few are capable of both. S4 Group capitalizes on this opportunity by providing national representation backed up by local relationships.

S4 targets companies that are either based in the United States, or that need assistance interacting with the US government. S4 operates in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, education, nonprofit and not-for-profit, gaming, science and technology, transportation, defense contracting, energy and environmental initiatives.

We cater to companies that generate annual revenue in excess of $1M, and to those who are concerned about adverse legislation and bureaucracy, need legislative reform for future growth, or need a license to operate.

S4’s Services Include:

Selected Clients S4 Has Served:

AES Services
Agudath Israel of America
First National Assets
Grandison Management
iit Source TECH
Objective Arts
Torah U'Mesorah
VNA Healthtrends
  • AAA Engineering, LLC
  • AES Services
  • Agudath Israel of America
  • Agudath Israel of IL
  • Alliance of Healthcare Counsel
  • Be Mindful
  • Bio-Eco
  • Communicare
  • Copia
  • First National Assets
  • Glen Health & Home Management
  • Grandison Management
  • HealthDrive Inc.
  • Integrated Inventory Tech
  • La Briute
  • Objective Arts
  • Pharmore
  • ReMED Services, LLC
  • Torah U'Mesorah
  • VNA Healthtrends